Shana Maxey, Principal                                    Miguel Flores, Asst.Principal                            

Old Wire Elementary is a K-5 facility that serves over 430 terrific children and their families. We also have two pre-kindergarten classes that serve an additional 40 children.  We are located in Rogers, Arkansas in the middle of a wonderful neighborhood just minutes from the lake and fabulous shopping. 


I have had the privilege of serving as principal since Old Wire opened in August 2005.  As the principal, I provide support and instructional leadership by creating and maintaining a clear focus on student achievement. I ask for your support, ideas, suggestions and involvement. I encourage you to join our team, our school family. I pledge to do my best to ensure that each child is challenged, nurtured, and provided with a safe and stimulating learning experience.


The mission statement of Old Wire Elementary reads, “Old Wire provides a safe engaging environment where students become creative, independent lifelong learners and productive community participants”. To this end, our parents, staff, and community are highly dedicated and committed to the success of every child. We are fortunate to have the support of our PTO, caring and involved parents, and the talents of an experienced and dedicated staff.


The faculty at Old Wire is energetic, hard working and creative. They work together as a team and are constantly sharing and learning.  Evidence of student work can be seen throughout the hallways and classrooms. Certified specialists teach the children music, art, physical education and media skills. With Arkansas Standards as our guide, we provide an education based on high expectations for all children.


As a professional learning community, we work to create an environment where all children are cherished and develop memories of a safe environment with caring adults and exciting knowledge acquisition, compassion, inspiration and affirmation. We are committed to working together to support each other and each child’s journey.

t Old Wire we celebrate successes and provide enrichment to challenge our children. We discover weaknesses through our consistent assessment and provide remediation. We look at each child and differentiate education to meet the needs of each individual. As we provide the children with what is needed at school, we believe that education occurs in each home and in the community. With our combined efforts, our children can become what they dream. We do not accept anything but the best in our children.


I hope that you enjoy your electronic tour of Old Wire and that you will visit our home page regularly. Please feel free to call or email me at anytime. 


                                                                                                            Shana Maxey